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Irrespective of the brand you are selling, you still need a steady stream of sales leads day in and day out.

With the changes in buying process, up to 70% of your customer's journey may be taking place online and without you knowing who they are or what they're looking at. The anonymity of this process denies your sales staff the opportunity to influence the customer's purchase in any way. But that's where Lead Intuition can help.

We've perfected an online Dealer Marketing System that can give you the knowledge of which of your prospects interact with your website, as well as their interests, by name so that you can call them. We leverage the full potential of your website and existing contact database to generate more sales leads unique to your dealership. Turning your cold calls into warm ones. Helping you to maintain customer engagement and increase your sales leads 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Steady Stream of Sales Leads unique to your dealership.
  • Know who visits your website by name!
  • Online test drive and appointment scheduling.
  • Know who downloads your brochures by name!
  • Database Management & Growth
  • Integrated Social Media Campaigns
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Landing Pages & Website Pop-ups
  • eNewsletter Design & Production
  • Contact Sign Up App
  • CRM Integration

Lead Intuition are a digital marketing company specialising in the automotive market. Working with car dealerships throughout the United Kingdom, we provide a steady stream of unique sales leads. We do this by improving customer engagement with websites, and using integrated email, newsletter and social media campaigns. We also offer a host of additional clever features designed to improve and streamline your customers’ online interaction with your brand.

What our Clients say

"Obtaining quality sales leads and driving footfall into the showroom has been improved since we started using Lead Intuition. In the past, the technology and creativity they bring to our online marketing would only have been possible for much larger companies, purely because of the costs involved. Lead Intuition have made online customer engagement, automated marketing and sales lead generation affordable for the small to medium sized main dealership. I thoroughly recommend them.

Ford Main Dealer, Norfolk



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