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Lead Intuition are a digital marketing company, specialising in working with car dealerships, to provide a steady stream of sales leads that are unique to your company. 

Below are just a few ways we work to improve customer engagement using your existing website as the hub, together with integrated email, SMS, newsletter and social media campaigns. We also offer a host of additional clever features designed to improve and streamline a customers’ online interaction with your brand – and provide warm leads or online appointment setting.

How we get you more leads ?

Customer Engagement

Very often the best sales are those made to your existing customers – if they’ve had a great experience then by keeping them engaged with your brand, you stimulate repeat sales. It’s easy to do this with a regular newsletter containing links to offers and events. As your customers' begin to engage, then we’ll track what they do on your website. We offer total accountability with sales leads provided as a ‘real time’ event notified to you by email. This is followed by a daily report for all website visits and campaign metrics. We’ll tell you who visited the site, what they looked at, for how long and also if they visited it more than once. We can provide password protected control panels so that every one of your sales staff can view the online journey of each and every unique sales lead we provide.


Remove Anonymity

Want to know who downloaded a PDF brochure from your website? Simple. Let us host them for you within our marketing machine, in an area branded especially for you and accessible only to your customers. We can keep track of exactly who downloaded an asset and let you know in a daily report ready for your sales staff to follow up. We can even block these assets from your competition.

Ease the customer's online experience

We can link a test drive booking to an online calendar, allowing your customers' to move through the buying process online if they prefer. They are able to book a test drive with any available model and the entire process is automated so that both the sales person and the customer receive booking confirmations and the customer also receives reminders at pre-designated times right up to an hour in advance of the appointment.


Increase your pool of potential leads

We can help you do that in a number of ways. We can identify suitable data records from GDPR compliant sources for you to purchase. We then create an offer too good for them to miss and put together an automated campaign. Our campaign can include a number of pre-designated steps – if they do this then we send them that. In this way we can nurture them right up to the point of sale.

Alternatively, we can deploy ‘gated’ downloadable assets within Social Media Advertising Campaigns. The customer has to supply contact details in order to gain access to the asset. Assets can be PDF brochures, fuel economy or motoring reports, in fact anything a customer would happily supply their contact details for.

You can even grow your database with our ‘Contact Catcher’ app, allowing you to sign up a customer in a GDPR compliant fashion to receive your newsletters. ‘Contact Catcher’ is a great tool for outdoor events, competitions and offsite promotions. It can be installed on any number of phones and tablets and it works anywhere that there is WiFi or 4G.

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