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Driving sales leads for the automotive industry!

  • Steady Stream of Sales Leads unique to your dealership.
  • Know who visits your website by name!
  • Online test drive and appointment scheduling.
  • Know who downloads your brochures by name!
  • Database Management & Growth
  • Integrated Social Media Campaigns
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Landing Pages & Website Pop-ups
  • eNewsletter Design & Production
  • Contact Sign Up App
  • CRM Integration

Lead Intuition are a digital marketing company specialising in the automotive market. Working with car dealerships throughout the United Kingdom, we provide a steady stream of unique sales leads by improving customer engagement with websites, and using integrated email, newsletter and social media campaigns. We also offer a host of additional clever features designed to improve and streamline a customers’ online interaction with your brand.

We employ some of the brightest creative talent and the most efficient automated marketing software to create campaigns that provide warm sales leads, eliminating cold calls - working for you 24 hours a day – even while you sleep.

Our Services

Strategic Planning with pre-set goals

Our campaigns begin with us spending time to get to know your business. We'll help you to define your target market and ideal customer which may include developing customer personas. Knowing what your current and future goals are, allows us to define the start and end goals for each campaign.

Campaigns are then planned and delivered with these pre-set goals in mind. Daily Reports on campaign progress will demonstrate accountability.


Database Management & Growth

Our system allows us to cleanse, data for GDPR accountability (including date & time stamping of record additions, user communication preference settings, Opt-in, unsubscribes, deletion etc). We are also able to identify and obtain GDPR compliant third party records as well as maintain and segment your database for promotion specific purposes.  Advice on Cookie and Privacy Policy is also part of our service.

Contact Catcher Apps

We can provide an app to add customers to your database in a GDPR compliant fashion, date and timestamped for the point of addition. This can be added to as many phones or tablets as you require and will work anywhere that there is WiFi or 4G. It's a fantastic tool for outdoor events or competition entries.

Email & Newsletter Campaigns

Branded, designed, written and sent at scheduled times. The content can be a straightforward message or can contain dynamic elements based on list segmentation (if a contact has shown interest in a certain product then he will see photos and content on that product within his mass distributed email, others will see different content). The object is for the customer to click through to the website where we have placed code which detects and reports on their journey. Eventually records appearing on your customer database will show the script of every visit they make to your website which helps a salesperson's cold call to become a warm one.

Lead Nurture email Campaigns

Nurture workflows are campaigns based on ‘if they do this, then we do that’. Ie. If they open the first email, then click on the link for one of the subjects (normally resulting in a visit to your website) then they will receive a further email talking about the web product on the page they visited as if by 'magic'. 

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are fully automated from the outset with all of the assets designed, written and produced beforehand. The idea of a drip campaign is to emulate the actions a salesperson would normally take but without them having to remember to do them. The ultimate goal of a drip campaign is to deliver a sale or a sales lead for your sales person to follow up. Like email and newsletter campaigns the customers' web browsing history will be recorded. Drip campaigns are sent out on a predicted send basis. The marketing machine will note the time a customer opened his last email and the next will be sent on a similar time or date

Integrated Social Media, Blogging SMS & Call Tracking

The Lead Intuition System is fully integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and AdWords Content is created based on your brief and the campaign goals for Advertising, Posts, Tweets and Blogs. Links to gated assets and individual landing pages can help uncover the visitor's anonymity.

Where a customer's mobile telephone number is known, then communication by SMS can be used instead of/or as well as email.

Gated Assets & Calendars

We can host brochure PDFs and white papers, requiring a visitor to submit their contact details before gaining access. This is an excellent tool for car dealers. Most dealers just put these on their website giving everyone access. If we know who downloads then we can initiate automated responses or a salesperson can call. We can also block competitors from accessing assets if we know their domain name.

We are also able to host calendars for customers to book test drives or appointments to discuss a purchase with a sales person.

Web Landing Pages & Micro Websites

We are able to integrate responsive landing pages into every campaign. This is helpful for offers where there is either no time to change a website or the offer is too specific to put on general view on a website.

Like landing pages we are able to design, write and curate miniature websites for individual subjects where there is no time or a sensitivity issue for the subject matter. Competitors can be blocked from accessing these assets if required.


Fully Integrated Reports & Analytics

We can automate reports and provide password protected control panels for multiple employees. We can also integrate Google Analytics and PipeDrive into our system.

Sales Leads are delivered on a real-time basis by email, ready for your sales staff to follow up immediately. Reports are delivered daily of customers reaching additional campaign criteria and goals.

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