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ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform designed for the needs of businesses, supported and sold in the UK by Lead Intuition. It combines tools to attract new customers, convert prospects into customers and retain existing clients. 


One full stack platform does it all!

Look no further… business email marketing software, extremely powerful and loved by both professional and new marketers alike. Connect with prospects, execute customer retention campaigns and keep people up-to-date. Everything you need to create, send and track email campaigns in one place. But more, track and schedule social media, Pay Per Click and retargeting. With clever reporting across all your digital channels you can easily implement campaigns that work and change the ones that don't - all from a single control panel. Integrate ActiveDEMAND with your CRM and attribute revenues to your campaigns as well. Record your customers who are not quite ready to buy in this campaign and include them in your next automatically. Create nurture workflows that carry on your sales - even while you sleep. 


Create professional emails easily using a powerful drag and drop interface. Use our built-in templates or your custom brand.


Manage your marketing contacts in one place. Segment your contacts into lists for more effective campaigns.


Schedule your emails to send when and where you want.  Use our predictive send to put your email at the top of mailboxes


Track email opens, clicks, unsubscribes, Call-To-Action conversions and more with real-time reporting

Execute Campaigns Faster and Easier


Landing Pages



ActiveDEMAND Business Marketing Software from Lead Intuition is an integrated marketing platform with built-in templates that enable you to simplify your marketing stack allowing you to spend more time on delivering results

Call Tracking Software

With ActiveDEMAND, you can easily add call tracking numbers to any online or offline campaign and website. Measure the true performance of a campaign and get regular reports.

Email Marketing

ActiveDEMAND’s email marketing capabilities help you deliver marketing communication initiatives. Easily segment lists and create personalised messages for maximum results.


Automated Reporting

Are you spending valuable time and resources building graphs and Screenshot-Copy-Paste every month? ActiveDEMAND  includes automated consolidated reporting that brings all of your data into a branded reporting system.

Landing Page Software

Landing pages are key to online campaign conversions. Drive new contacts and leads for with built-in landing pages. Easily drop-in forms and customise them to collect the exact information you need.


Built-In Appointment Scheduling Software

The ActiveDEMAND Small Business Marketing Automation package helps you manage meetings with prospects. Replace your 'Contact Us' form with a fully automated appointment scheduling system

Simplify Social Media Marketing

All businesses can benefit from implementing an effective social media marketing plan. Maximise your reach and reduce your effort by having all of your social media marketing activity in one place. The same place for email, Pay-Per-Click and incoming calls.  Consolidated social media marketing enables you to optimise all aspects of your social campaigns and track results.


ActiveDEMAND gives you a central place to manage your popular social media campaigns including Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

Post Dynamically

ActiveDEMAND can automatically generate social media posts for you. Posts include dynamic graphics, auto hashtags, comments and more.


Schedule posts to optimise viewing and engagement effectiveness.  Schedule multiple channels for the same content or channel-by-channel.  You are in control

Measure Engagement

Measure and report on which social media channels work best for you.  See which campaigns work; stop or amend those that don't.

Nurture Campaigns

Sometimes prospects are not quite ready to buy and need a bit more information. Wouldn’t you want those messages to be supplied automatically? ActiveDEMAND’s nurture marketing enables you to target a specific message to specific people to keep them engaged with your brand.


Optimised Cross-Channel Execution

If you’re managing multiple applications to execute campaigns, you’ll appreciate ActiveDEMAND for its ability to create, manage and execute campaigns using multiple channels from just one package. Do away with multiple applications and use the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform.

Designed to Grow With You

With ActiveDEMAND's white label marketing automation you automatically get access to all features of the integrated marketing platform. Don’t be fooled by our ease of use. More sophisticated agencies will appreciate many of the advanced features including AB split testing, custom responsive landing page builder, advanced work flows and more.

Phone Call Tracking

Call tracking isn’t just about accurately measuring online and offline campaign performance – it’s also about running a more efficient business. With call tracking, calls can be directed to specific departments and even to specific sales people.  Add to that ActiveDEMAND's ability to record and analyse conversations for key words or phrases to generate sales leads and you will never miss a lead.

Support When You Need It

UK Based Support and  Service

Lead Intuition offers UK based Integration, Consulting, Training and Support for ActiveDEMANDs awesome marketing platform.  Hands on support when you need it and telephone, online page and video tutorials to get you started - all there to help you maximise your marketing impact

Visualise Your Impact


ActiveDEMAND Business Marketing Automation Software from Lead Intuition has a full set of reporting and visualisation tools that allow you see your campaign's effectiveness like never before. Understanding who is responding to your marketing efforts is indeed important; understanding your prospect's location is a missing element in most email marketing products.

Awesome Integrations

Take control of all your digital marketing

ActiveDEMAND's capabilities make it the most versatile integrated marketing platform available today.  It enables you to take control of all your marketing channels and integrate them as a system, not juggling multiple packages.   Campaign building, data tracking, reporting, dashboards or brand management, our powerful customisation options allow you the flexibility to create and execute the campaigns.  Integration with a CRM or eCommerce delivers maximum return and true sales acquisition costs.

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