Managing Marketing Tasks in ActiveDEMAND


ActiveDEMAND has recently added a Marketing Task feature into its marketing automation system. Within any of your client or prospect accounts you can:

  • Create, track, and complete marketing tasks
  • Add checklists to tasks
  • Assign one or multiple people to tasks
  • Assign prospect/client contact & orgs to each task
  • Automate the creation of tasks in workflows, calendar campaigns
  • Add setup tasks to account templates for onboarding
  • Quickly auto-complete emails and LinkedIn messages

If you just want to get right into ActiveDEMAND Tasks, then check out our help article on ActiveDEMAND’s Task System.

Specific Use Cases for Marketing Tasks

Using tasks for account management

Tasks can be placed on accounts for account management teams, making it easy to plan out activities for important clients or prospects. This is the perfect place to run internal reviews or case study campaigns, where you have marketing potentially reaching out directly to clients.  Equally, you can add tasks at Contact, Deal or Campaign levels as well as at the Account level.


Managing tasks for a marketing team

Some agencies and marketing teams use a dedicated project management suite or SaaS product to plan and execute marketing tasks. ActiveDEMAND's new task management system can replace it and it's included in the monthly subscription. For marketers who don’t need anything like a heavy-duty task system, ActiveDEMAND tasks might be all they need and will reduce the number of paid SaaS platforms needed. Because they can perform marketing work right inside ActiveDEMAND, it can be nice to see the list, work on it, and complete tasks without switching platforms.



Adding non-automated activities to event campaigns

ActiveDEMAND’s webinar in a box makes it easy to template and manage physical in-person events and virtual webinars. You could already have ActiveDEMAND manage the wait-list, promo emails, and follow-up messaging but now with tasks, you can add in other manual marketing tasks. These tasks can be added to your event template or to your template/recipe so you can consistently execute high-quality events.

Potential marketing tasks to add to your event recipe:

  • Check-in with presenters to make sure their decks are complete and ready
  • The task to order refreshments 1 week before the event
  • Event venue walk-through
  • After-event analysis

Onboarding tasks in template accounts

Template accounts make it easy for agencies and marketers to set up a draft starter account that they clone for new clients or locations coming on board. You can make your onboarding process more consistent if you add a few tasks or milestones to your template account(s).

Adding marketing check-ins to lead workflows and nurture campaigns

Since tasks can be created in any workflow, you can add them to lead processing workflows or nurture campaigns. These tasks are created based on each contact going through. Why would you want to do that?

  • Getting marketing to manually look at a contact to figure out if it should be turned into an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)
  • Creating marketing follow-up based on contact activity. Like if they reply to an email about doing a case study.

Warning: adding tasks in a drip campaign means you might get a whole bunch of tasks automatically added. Be careful when you’re putting these in workflows so that you don’t accidentally get 10,000 new tasks after your next big email campaign.

How will you use tasks?

Whether you deploy tasks across accounts, teams, or within a single campaign, the addition of tasks is another way of streamlining your work, improving efficiencies, and saving valuable time.

If you have any questions about deliverability or would like to find out more about ActiveDEMAND's marketing automation platform, just schedule a call with us

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